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How you can donate and help OUR Church

Our response to God’s grace is always the work of the Holy Spirit; sometimes it is tangible and other times intangible. For example, an affirmation of faith may work in intangible but still real ways. In our offering, our response to God becomes more tangible. Out of gratitude for God’s gracious love, we offer our time, talent, and treasure. Serving in the church or community is a gift of time. Sharing musical skills in the choir or teaching a class are offerings of our talents. Giving tithe to support Igreja Crista Primitiva, the Congregation, or community ministries is a contribution of our treasure. We give freely in grateful response to God’s freely given love. Our giving is an act of praise by which we give glory to God, we sing our praise to God - many songs of glorious praise and we present our gifts to God our Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and to The Holy Spirit.

ways you can donate, give offerings and tithes:



Visit our Church on

Wed      8 PM

Fri         8 PM

Sunday 7 PM

Address :

10 Frederick street. Framingham MA 01702



Mail offerings and donations to Church address :

10 Frederick street. Framingham MA 01702



Pastor Everson Penha

Phone : 508-309-2203

The Pastor prefers that you come to visit our Church.

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